We can't keep it from snowing; 
  We can't catch it as it falls; 
     Anything shy of that, we can handle.

About Us

Richard Ingram, President of Ingram Enterprises, Inc., started plowing snow commercially in 1974. He started small, but after much hard work and perseverance, in November of 1978, Richard signed his first major commercial contract.

0070 croppedOur Original Fleet

Many winters have come and gone since then, in which time the business world as we know it has changed dramatically; however, one area that has remained consistent throughout this time is Richard's dedication and loyalty to his clients and their safety. Since becoming incorporated in 1985, Ingram Enterprises, Inc. has continued to grow and flourish in the business community. We have consistently upgraded and expanded our fleet of equipment to meet the changing needs of our clients. All of this work has resulted in a reputation for providing outstanding service. In fact, we believe that we provide better service than any other major snow removal contractor in the Chicagoland area.


To back up our level of service and capabilities, consider this: in 40 years of dealing with Chicago winters, we have never had a client close their business because of the condition of their facility and we have never lost an account because of unsatisfactory service. We have an excellent slip-and-fall record and we have never had to cut back on our services because of a salt shortage. We take proper action ahead of time by being onsite as the weather starts rather than reacting to it after it is too late, thus minimizing the impact that the weather has on the operations of our clients’ properties. Although we may make it look easy, service and consistency at this level doesn’t happen by accident – it takes dedication and passion.